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Product Detail

48V 13s5p 17.5ah Electric Bicycle Battery

Product Parameters

Item specifics:

4.1Nominal capacity           17.5 Ah             0.2C Discharge(Use LG cells)
4.2Initial Impedance            ≤1Ω   
4.3Weight                       Approx:4.0 kg
4.4Nominal voltage          
Fully charge voltage(FC)  
Fully discharge voltage(FD)
48 V
54.6 V            Defined in this DOC: FC = 54.6V
35.75 V            Defined in this DOC: FD =35.75 V
4.5Standard charge current   0.2C
4.6Shipment voltage        48V~54.6V
4.7Standard charging method0.2C CC(constant current)charge to FC, then CV(constant voltage FC)charge till charge current decline to ≤0.01C
4.8Charging time         Standard Charging
Approx 3 hours  
4.9Standard Discharge CurrentConstant current 0.2 C  end voltage FD
4.10Max. charge current        0oC~15oC3C
4.11Max. discharge current      -10oC~15oC0.5C
4.12Charge cut-off voltage  Ref. 8.1 VDET1      
4.13Discharge cut-off Voltage  Ref. 8.1 VDET2     
4.14Storage temperature           -20oC~60oC≤1 month
-20oC~45oC≤3 month
-20oC~28oC≤1 year
4.15Recoverable capacity      Constant current 0.5C charge to FC, then constant voltage FC charge to current declines to 0.01C, rest for 10min,constant current 0.5C discharge to FD,rest for 10min.Repeat above steps 3 times, recording the maximum capacity
4.16Storage Humidity           ≤75% RH
4.17Appearance                   Without distortion and leakage
4.18Standard testing conditionTemperature             : 23±5oC
Humidity               :  ≤75%RH
Atmospheric Pressure     : 86-106 Kpa


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